Link: CBC Personalities Minimized Canada’s Role in ‘The Book of Negroes’

From Rachel Décoste of Huffington Post:

CBC Personalities Minimized Canada’s Role in ‘The Book of Negroes’
The awkwardness resurfaced the week of the broadcast premiere, as CBC went all out to promote its TV series. On Q, post-Ghomeshi guest host Gill Deacon didn’t bring up Canada’s checkered racial past as described in The Book of Negroes. Fortunately, the lead actress, African-American Aunjanue Ellis, brought it up indirectly. Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: CBC Personalities Minimized Canada’s Role in ‘The Book of Negroes’”

  1. “Approximately 20 per cent of The Book Of Negroes is set in Canada.” Well, that’s about the size of the ‘Canadian Identity’, indeed quite a bit more than the size of our ‘Canadian Identity’, dominated by at least 80 percent American Identity, which is the whole problem right there. Even the CBC, who’s original mandate was to produce and provide 100 percent Canadian content to counter against the American domination of everything here, has NOT been able to fullfill that mandate, because at least 80 percent of the CBC, like everything else in Canada, is yet more Americans. How many Canadians know that there are 3 million Americans living in Canada with dual citizenship voting in our elections to benefit the U.S., and they plus more are making most economic and educational and cultural and political decisions, and denying us awareness of our own Canadian history. Canada is more than 80 percent Americanized today, and I think only another War of 1812 where Americans militarily invade Canada looting and burning everything in their path could stop the last 20 percent of Canada being devoured totally by at the very latest 2035, or 2018, which ever comes first.

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