Link: Degrassi marks 35th anniversary, creator ‘grateful’ for longevity


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Degrassi marks 35th anniversary, creator ‘grateful’ for longevity (with video)
Linda Schuyler has found the fountain of youth programming. Blithe, unassuming and quick to laugh, the co-creator of the Degrassi TV franchise has the pep of a cheerleader and the perception of a yearbook editor. Though in her 60s, the former elementary school teacher is well versed in teen angst and excitement. Continue reading.


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  1. I still really enjoy watching Degrassi even though I’m 31 and far removed from high school. I was too young when the original series first aired but I recall being aware of it because a couple of my babysitters were into it. In the 90s I started reading the Degrassi books from the school library and got into the series. I was excited when the new series came out and watched from the beginning. I actually never really watched the original Degrassi series until about 2 years ago on Netflix but because of the books I was familiar with all the characters when watching the new series.

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