Link: 19-2: Back for a compelling second season

From James Bawden:

I had a bunch of friends over for dinner and asked them to serve as TV critics for the second season premiere of 19-2. I was floored no one had even heard of the Montreal based series even after it garnered solid reviews for its first season.

“Gritty” is I think the word often used by other TV critics to describe their first impressions. But 19-2 comes from a Quebec cop show now into its third season. Continue reading.


2 thoughts on “Link: 19-2: Back for a compelling second season”

  1. I admittedly had never watched 19-2 before last night, dismissing it as just another cop procedural, but people like Amber Dowling who raved about the show convinced me to check it out last night. I did and I was impressed. Really well done episode. I will definitely be tuning in next week.

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