Link: Jay Baruchel wants to fix Canada’s sitcoms (and the CBC)

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Jay Baruchel may well be the last Canadian comedy star holdout – a prospect so conceptually absurd that his pals James Franco and Seth Rogen based their own $32 million film around it. But for all the well-meaning derision hurled in his northerly direction, the Ottawa-born, Montreal-based actor has no misgivings about wearing his Maple Leaf pride on his chest (literally), choosing to live and work as close to home as possible while still making a living. Most recently, he proved this steadfast allegiance to the producers of his Chicago-set FXX series, Man Seeking Woman. Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: Jay Baruchel wants to fix Canada’s sitcoms (and the CBC)”

  1. Until recently, I would have had to have agreed that the half-hour comedies on both sides of the border pretty much sucked in the last decade. When it comes to American comedies, only Big Bang Theory, The Goldbergs, the early seasons of Two & a Half Men, Trophy Wife and Selfie, resonated with me. When it comes to Canadian comedies, I can’t even think of a comedy I truly liked since Made in Canada. Then there’s this current season. I really enjoyed Mohawk Girls which, while a little rough around the edges, was probably the funniest comedy I’ve seen in years and had characters I found realistic, not the zany cartoonish or overeccentric characters typically found on most comedies. Then there’s Schitt’s Creek, which is funny as well. Generally, I don’t usually go for half-hour comedies as I find the format too limitting. I’d much rather watch a one-hour dramedy. However, both Mohawk Girls and Schitt’s Creek are keepers for me.

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