Tonight: 19-2, Murdoch Mysteries, Strange Empire, Airshow

19-2, Bravo – “Disorder”

While the squad is dealing with the aftermath of the tragic school shooting, Audrey (Laurence Lebeouf, DURHAM COUNTY) returns to duty still deeply traumatized from her own ordeal. Ben (Jared Keeso, FALLING SKIES) gets suspended and must undergo therapy as his partner Nick (Adrian Holmes, ARROW) tries to lend support.

Murdoch Mysteries, CBC – “The Devil Wears Whalebone”
Murdoch discovers that fashion is murder when a model is killed during a protest at a designer corset show. Guest starring Kari Matchett.

Strange Empire, CBC – “End Days”
An army of militia men is hired by Slotter to secure his power in Janestown. Kat goes in search of weapons and makes a plan to take the camp back.

Airshow, Discovery – “Cleared for Take Off”
In the series premiere, a new AIRSHOW season begins with tragedy striking early. Former bush pilot and airline owner ‘Super Dave’ Mathieson has cashed in everything to chase his high-flying dreams. Piloting a half-million-dollar aerobatic plane, Mathieson is willing to risk it all to become an AIRSHOW star. Meanwhile, tornados threaten to destroy wing walker Carol Pilon’s vintage biplane before her season even gets off the ground.