Link: Schitt’s Creek loses 40% of premiere audience

From Bill Brioux:

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Schitt’s Creek has lost nearly 40% of its audience in two weeks according to overnight estimates. It opened close to 1.4M in the overnights and landed at 834,000 this past Tuesday night. Most shows find their level by the fourth airing. Will the Schitt hit the fan if half the audience has paddled away? Continue reading.


3 thoughts on “Link: Schitt’s Creek loses 40% of premiere audience”

  1. Watched several episodes now, still waiting for the comedy and laughs. Why can’t Canadian comedies be funny? No wonder I just watch the U.S. ones.
    Will watch one more…maybe.

    1. After several episodes it’s probably time to realize it’s not for you. Change the channel. Turn off the TV

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