Tonight: Sunnyside, The Nature of Things, Doc Zone

Sunnyside, City – “The Exploding Moon”
A chain gang trudges through the streets of Sunnyside. Darryl (Kevin Vidal) decides to tempt fate by leaving town, and Jimmy (Rob Norman) finds out how good a friend Viola (Kathleen Phillips) really is after he asks her to kill him. Meanwhile, the Meth Girls (Kathleen Phillips, Patrice Goodman, and Alice Moran) have an interesting take on a shopping spree.

The Nature of Things, CBC – “Mystery of the Monsoon”
Mystery of the Monsoon is a cinematic exploration of the force of the monsoon. Some say it’s the soul of India. We experience the monsoon through the eyes of farmers, fishermen, and wildlife wardens, all of whose lives are affected by the rains and of meteorologists, who try to predict the timing, location and volume of the rains.

Doc Zone, CBC – “TV Revolution”
TV Revolution explores the rise of TV as the most influential medium of the 20th century and how it has helped to shape our national identity. The film will reveal how hit TV shows are created and explore the challenges that lie ahead as the TV business goes head-to-head with online competitors like Netflix. Viewers will go behind the scenes at TV industry events in Cannes and Los Angeles for an up-close look at the highly competitive business of buying American TV shows and the huge financial gamble of trying to pick the next big hit.