Tonight: Sunnyside, The Nature of Things, Doc Zone

SunnysideSunnyside, City – “Chain Gang”

A chain gang trudges through the streets of Sunnyside and Darryl (Kevin Vidal) decides to tempt fate by leaving town. Meanwhile, Jimmy (Rob Norman) discovers how good a friend Viola (Kathleen Phillips) really is, after he asks her to help kill him. Plus, the Meth Girls (Kathleen Phillips, Patrice Goodman, Alice Moran) embark on an unusual shopping spree.

The Nature of Things, CBC – “Kung Fu Meerkats”
At their home in the harsh Kalihari desert, Meerkats must work together or die. In order to find enough to eat and raise their pups, they must all collaborate. In a remarkable project spanning 20 years, scientists have begun to unravel the mysteries of these complex lives. They’ve discovered that meerkats have much to teach the rest of us about collaboration.

Doc Zone, CBC – “To the Rescue”
Go behind-the-scenes with the people who save lives when outdoor adventurers put themselves at risk. A documentary about Canada’s patchwork search and rescue system. Why is it sending out its own SOS call?