4 thoughts on “Link: CBC’s ‘Ascension’ an intriguing sci-fi drama”

  1. I like the looks and sounds of this. However, again, I lament that this is a miniseries. Just when I get attached, I’ll have to say goodbye. I guess it’s better than a movie though.

    1. Let me know what you think once you start watching. I think CBC should have broadcast two hours a week for three weeks like in the U.S. but that’s just me.

  2. First of all, the show looked good. You could see all the hard work people put into this. The acting, set design, directing and costumes were all great. Unfortunately, it was like putting beautiful wrapping paper on a piece of well-cooked horseradish. All the pretty packaging and 5-star cooking in the world couldn’t take away that horseradishy taste. In a nutshell, the premise of Ascension stinks. The show lost me from one of the opening scenes in which a doctor was examining a dead body wearing blue nitrile gloves, something that wasn’t even done back in the 60s–even if a medical examiner were to exam a body with gloves, the gloves wouldn’t have been blue, they would have been white. It was all the little ridiculous things like that which turned me off of this show. I just couldn’t buy into the premise that a giant spaceship was made in the 60s that could keep people alive in space for over 50 years. When another show, The 100, put people in space, it was a tad more believable as the time was set way in the future, but the 60s? Maybe, just maybe, I could overlook the premise for the sake of watching a good character-driven sci-fi series, as I have done with several other sci-fi series in the past, but this is a miniseries and there’s not enough time for me to get over the wonky premise in which there’s no characters I feel are likable enough for me to wonder what happens to them. No thank you. I won’t watch the rest of the series. I have too much tv to catch up with as it is.

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