Link: This week’s must see TV includes X Company, Vikings, Hard Rock Medical

From Bill Harris of QMI:

‘Two and a Half Men,’ SNL’s 40th and more top this week’s must-see TV
X Company (debut) – Inspired by a true story, this is about a secret Canadian spy camp that essentially created the espionage business during World War II. With Hugh Dillon, Jack Laskey, Evelyne Brochu, Warren Brown, Dustin Milligan and Connor Price. Continue reading.

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One thought on “Link: This week’s must see TV includes X Company, Vikings, Hard Rock Medical”

  1. Lots to watch this week. I’m falling way behind. I’ve been working evening shifts for two weeks and I don’t watch tv while the kids are up unless it’s family friendly. Vikings is appointment viewing for me and the husband, and I really want to see X Company and Hard Rock Medical but those might have to be delayed for a bit. I’m currently trying to catch up on Arrow then I’ll get to the finales of Book of Negroes and Strange Empire. I have 10 shows I watch when they air or soon after they air (Downton Abbey, Nashville, Vikings, Reign, The Originals, The 100, Empire, Grey’s Anatomy, Chasing Life and Hart of Dixie) and the rest of the 30 shows I get to gradually, usually via bingewatching.

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