Tonight: Schitt’s Creek, Mr. D, Close up Kings, 22 Minutes

Schitt’s Creek, CBC – “Turkey Shoot”
David goes on a turkey hunt with some townies. Jocelyn takes Moira on a “relaxing” spa day, while Alexis meets the new love of her life, Ted, the town veterinarian.

Mr. D, CBC – “Dating Maya Student”
Gerry’s former pupil, Maya is back at Xavier as a student teacher and Gerry is having difficulty accepting her as an adult. Robert tries too hard to be cool while attempting to connect with a student, and Bobbi works to prove her femininity to Malik amidst a school wide outbreak of lice.

Close up Kings, OLN – “Vancouver”
Close up King Jonny uses the Capilano Suspension Bridge for an epic trick after the Kings leave the USA for the first time and head north to BC. While on the trip, Magick gets a shocking tattoo to make this a trip of a lifetime!