Tonight: Vikings, The Nature of Things, Doc Zone, Storage Wars Canada

Vikings, History – Season 3 premiere
In Season 3, Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), the former farmer, is now King and has great responsibility resting on his shoulders. With the promise of new land from the English, Ragnar leads his people to an uncertain fate on the shores of Wessex. The ever-ambitious Ragnar searches for something more – and he finds it in the mythical city of Paris. Rumoured to be impenetrable to outside forces, Ragnar and his band of Norsemen must come together to break down its walls and cement the Vikings legend in history.

The Nature of Things, CBC – “The Great Human Odyssey: The Adaptable Ape (Episode 2)”
Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015 at 8 p.m. on CBC-TV
In this episode, join Dr. Niobe Thompson on another scientific adventure as he reveals the answer to the great mystery of how humans made it out of Africa, and proves our ancestors did it twice as early as scientists once thought possible. Thompson travels with desert Bedouin, and goes into the groundbreaking excavations in the United Arab Emirates, where the discovery of stone tools is doubling the dates for our out-of-Africa exodus. In Papua New Guinea, the most malarial place on earth, Thompson meets a remote tribe almost immune to malaria and other endemic diseases, and discovers how our ancestors’ interbreeding with Neanderthals and Denisovans may be why we survived in a world that we had no immunity to. In the most remote region of Arctic Russia in the depths of winter,Thompson lives with reindeer nomads to discover firsthand how a tropical ape, Homo sapiens, outwits the cold.

Doc Zone, CBC – “The Age of the Drone”
Drones are here – pilotless flying bots, usually equipped with cutting-edge cameras and GPS navigation. Whether you know it or not, they’re up there, and soon there will be many, many more of them. Drones are a cutting-edge growth industry. More drones are sold every three months than the entire US military uses. There’s lots of upside to the increasing use of drones. The RCMP has saved lives using their flying robots in Search & Rescue missions, Amazon and Google plan to deliver goods to your doorstep, and startups in Silicon Valley are figuring out how to use drones to deliver medicine to locations where there are no roads.
But unlike Canada, where the laws regarding drones are relatively lax, restrictions in the U.S. have so far stopped most commercial use of drones. Drone use is almost impossible to police. They can hover over you in the privacy of your backyard or watch you through your bedroom window. Imagine paparazzi drones! New technology will allow super-surveillance drones 30,000 feet up to see objects six inches across and track your movements all day long, every day. With recent NSA revelations, how far can the data go towards tracking any of us? Should we allow private Investigators to use them?

Storage Wars Canada, OLN – “Knockout Punch”
Roy is up to his usual antics at an auction in the Old Weston neighbourhood of Toronto – only this time, Ursula strikes back with full force. Paul and Bogart are the epitome of the blind leading the blind, while Rick and Cindy’s locker is more than meets the eye.