Link: Mohawk Girls on APTN asks hard questions with a laugh

From Bill Tierney of the Montreal Gazette:

Mohawk Girls isn’t brilliant, isn’t to die for. It doesn’t have the fashion budgets of New York-inspired Sex in the City or, more recently, the stylized grit of Girls. Kahnawake and Montreal aren’t New York, and production values can’t match the big networks. But Mohawk Girls is ours and it does ask questions we should be asking. While we’re being amused at the antics of these liberated young women, your laughter evaporates leaving more serious issues exposed. Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: Mohawk Girls on APTN asks hard questions with a laugh”

  1. Mohawk Girls does lack the polish of bigger budget American comedies BUT what it lacks in polish, it certainly makes up for in great comedy and drama. In the last 10 years, there have been very little in the way of comedies that have made me laugh out loud (only Big Bang Theory and The Goldbergs come to mind) and Mohawk Girls makes me laugh outloud in every episode. The characters are real and relatable and it’s refreshing because on 95% of the comedies I’ve seen in the past decade, that hasn’t been the case. Usually comedies have a bunch of quirky, ridiculous and overemphasized characters who wouldn’t exist in real life. The women on Mohawk Girls seem like people I could actually know in real life.

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