Toronto Screenwriting Conference announces Writer’s Room Intensive with 19-2’s Bruce Smith

From a media release:

Toronto Screenwriting Conference announces new Writer’s Room Intensive with 19-2’s Bruce Smith

The Toronto Screenwriting Conference (TSC) has announced a new Writer’s Room Intensive program with Bruce Smith, executive producer and creator of the serialized police drama 19-2. Six participants will work with Smith to create a ‘tent pole’ episode that involves the full squad in a single police action while maintaining the show’s focus on the emotional lives of the police officers. They will join Smith on stage during the TSC to present their ideas. The sixth annual Toronto Screenwriting Conference takes place on April 11 and 12, at its new location, the Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park.

“We strive to provide writers the opportunity to not only learn from the most-successful working showrunners and executive producers today, but also how to apply these advanced tools in a practical manner. Bruce’s new intensive program does just that,” said Kent Robinson, Toronto Screenwriting Conference producer. Adding, “In addition the Writer’s Room Intensive, we’ve developed other new craft sessions that will fully engage screenwriters including the business of showrunning, creating a successful series engine, and how and why a project gets from pitch to screen.”

Bruce Smith is a three-time WGC award winner. Prior to 19-2, he was the showrunner on Cracked, and worked as a writer/producer on numerous dramas including Durham County. Smith has also penned multiple award-winning MOWs and mini-series including Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story, and John A: Birth of a County, which he won a Canadian Screen Award.

Joining Smith on the speaker roster are Master Class speaker, David S. Goyer (Man of Steel, Batman Begins, the Blade Trilogy, creator and showrunner Da Vinci’s Demons); Emmy, Golden Globe and Television Critics Association Award-winning executive producer, Jeff Melvoin (Army Wives, Alias, Picket Fences, Northern Exposure); Head of the WGAs Showrunner training program & CBS Diversity Writers Mentoring Program, Carole Kirschner; and award-winning playwright and screenwriter, Corey Mandell.

The Writer’s Room Intensive is for registered delegates with experience in television with two positions available for recent post-secondary graduates. The selection process will be juried. Deadline to apply is Monday March 5, 5pm ET. For complete details, please visit