Link: It Doesn’t Pay To Be A Canadian Celebrity

From Huffpost Canada:

Ed The Sock: It Doesn’t Pay To Be A Canadian Celebrity (Video)
South of the border, it doesn’t take much to become a celebrity. Take Elisabeth Hasselbeck, for instance. After appearing on “Survivor” as a contestant, Hasselbeck was picked up and became a co-panellist on “The View.” Quite the leap. As Ed the Sock explores this week on “Roughly 90 Seconds,” the same rocket ship to easy fame does not exist in Canada. In fact, even our tried-and-true celebs, who we know by face and name, can’t catch a break once their TV show or movie comes to a close. Continue reading.


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  1. As this article pointed out, Australia has the advantage of geography. They aren’t stuck in the shadow of the U.S. My favourite television series of all time is an Aussie series called McLeod’s Daughters and when I watched it I used to go often to message boards to talk about the show. Interestingly, there were the same big complaints that you get here, namely that the American shows get the good timeslots, etc. One thing I wish is that we didn’t get the American tv stations up here as I think it negatively affects our culture and industry.

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