CBC consistently attracts audiences of over 1 million

From a media release:

Confirmed data from Numeris (BBM Canada) shows that Canadians across the country continue to tune into CBC’s winter programming.

  • X COMPANY attracted 1.051 million viewers (2+) in its debut episode on Feb. 18.
  • SCHITT’S CREEK has a current season average of 1.160 million viewers (2+)
  • Sci-fi drama ASCENSION garnered 1.138 million viewers on Feb. 9.
  • THE BOOK OF NEGROES ratings held strong throughout the miniseries run, capturing an average of 1.625 million viewers (2+). The series premiere of THE BOOK OF NEGROES drew 1.941 million viewers (2+).
  • MURDOCH MYSTERIES drew 1.389 million viewers (2+) on Feb. 9.
  • RICK MERCER REPORT attracted 1.028 million viewers (2+) on Feb. 10.

*Source is Numeris (BBM Canada), Total Canada, 2+


2 thoughts on “CBC consistently attracts audiences of over 1 million”

  1. CBC is doing quite well. Heartland is doing very well too and though it doesn’t get to the million viewer mark, it stays stabley close.

  2. This sure is a “glass full” way of expressing the numbers. The Book of Negroes and Schitt’s Creek opened with audiences around 1.6 million and have both since plummeted to below the one-million mark (see Numeris). According to John Doyle the “Creek” is around 700,000.

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