Tonight: Bitten, W5

Bitten, Space
Aleister is probably the last person Elena would like to spend some alone time with but a one-on-one meeting is exactly what she gets. As her bond with Savannah grows stronger, Aleister appears nervous and Elena senses that he’s losing his grip on the teenage witch. His control over everyone at The Compound can’t be overlooked though—and Aleister is about to show Elena just how much power he really has.

W5, CTV – “Personal Foul and Rebel With a Song”
When does tough coaching cross a line from encouragement to verbal and emotional abuse? That was the issue faced by parents, students and staff at a prominent private school in Victoria, B.C., well-known for its most famous alumnus, two-time NBA MVP basketball player, Steve Nash. And an exclusive with Chinese-Canadian pop star Wanting Qu. Vancouver pop singer-songwriter Qu is a celebrity most Canadians have scarcely heard of, and yet she is one of the most famous artists in the world.