Link: Jon Cassar to Executive Produce Canadian co-pro ‘Rio Heat’

From Denise Petski of Deadline:

Jon Cassar To Executive Produce Canadian co-pro ‘Rio Heat’
Action comedy series Rio Heat, produced under a co-production treaty between Brazil and Canada, is described as a cross between Hawaii 5-0, Miami Vice, Magnum PI and Moonlighting. Emmy-winning 24 producer/director Jon Cassar will executive produce and direct multiple episodes of the 13-episode series, which will be filmed entirely in Brazil. Rio Heat was co-created by Canadian TV producer Ken Gord and Dean Borenstein. Gord is the writer and executive produces with Borenstein. Antonio de Andrade, Raul Geyer Aguinara, and Eduardo Villela executive produce for Brazilian co-producer Filmes de Serro. Continue reading.


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  1. I might watch the show for its Brazilian setting although the genre doesn’t normally interest me.

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