Link: Hockey Wives is catnip to Canadian TV viewers

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

Hockey Wives is catnip to Canadian TV viewers
The lady says, in all seriousness: “The thing that scares me most about moving to Vancouver is the rain. My hair is a big part of my beauty so the fact that I might be moving to an environment that might jeopardize that, it just scares me.” The lady is Noureen DeWulf, actress and wife to Vancouver Canucks goalie Ryan Miller. A little later in the unfolding, often gobsmacking drama that is Hockey Wives (W network, Wednesday, 10 p.m.), Noureen makes another appearance. Tiffany Parros, wife of NHL free agent George Parros, is giving her some clothes. Tiffany is a fashion designer who sells her wares online. Noureen is pleased that the clothes are low-cut. “I have such good boobs right now,” she explains. Continue reading.