Link: Enrico Colantoni promises a sharper, funnier second season for ‘Remedy’

From Cassandra Szklarski of Canadian Press:

Enrico Colantoni promises a sharper, funnier second season for ‘Remedy’
“Remedy”‘s second season will be looser, smoother and funnier than its rocky first season, promises star Enrico Colantoni.

The outspoken TV actor admits the medical drama’s first batch of episodes had its issues, noting “sometimes we succeeded and sometimes we didn’t.”

“It’s much funnier this year,” Colantoni says in a recent interview, detailing big changes for his doctor character, Allen Connor. Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: Enrico Colantoni promises a sharper, funnier second season for ‘Remedy’”

  1. Remedy has the potential to be a really good show but yes, there were a few problems with Season 1.

    The biggest problem is that I think not enough time was spent on the upstairs/downstairs angle that we were promised in the initial promotion for the show. I work in healthcare and the hierarchy which exists is one of the most rigid there is and a goldmine for great, captivating storylines. I wish it would have been shown more on the show.

    The other major problem was the lack of chemistry between Zoe and Griffin, and that relationship always appeared contrived and forced. Sometimes what a writer writes on paper doesn’t compute well when actual actors play the parts so the storyline has to be readjusted. I have no problem with either Zoe or Griffin as characters, but their relationship just doesn’t work and that was a big problem because too much time was spent on that. With shows like this one, the thing that builds a show’s viewership most is when there’s a great couple or couples to ship.

    Hopefully the above problems get remedied (it’s the name of the show after all, lol). As I said above, the show has the potential to be very good. I like it a lot more than Saving Hope, Canada’s other big medical drama. I think the premise is much better.

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