Tonight: Marketplace, The Fifth Estate

Marketplace, CBC – “Grocery Games”
Are you really getting what you pay for at the grocery store? In Grocery Games, Tom Harrington reveals the five games companies play to get you to pay more for less – and why you may never know it. In a shopping challenge, MARKETPLACE viewers go head-to-head in search of shrinking products. All over the store, they find examples of products where companies have downsized the product, without always reducing the price. A consumer rights advocate and a marketing expert let you in on the industry’s packaging secrets – so you can be a savvy shopper.

the fifth estate, CBC – “Murder and the Judge”
He was the first judge in Canadian history to be convicted of murder. Now from behind bars at a maximum security prison where he is serving a life sentence for killing his wife, Jacques Delisle reveals for the first time what he says really happened in a candid interview with fifth estate host Mark Kelley. “There are innocent persons in prisons – you have one in front of you,” says Delisle, who had been one of the most respected judges in Canada, sitting on the Quebec Superior Court and then the Court of Appeal for 15 years. In a joint investigation by the fifth estate and Radio Canada’s Enquete program, Delisle breaks his silence on his case and his conviction – and reveals the dramatic reason behind his sudden decision not to take the stand.