Tonight: Remedy, Big Brother Canada, 19-2, Murdoch Mysteries, Tiny Plastic Men

Remedy, Global – “Our Friend, Chaos”
Before Allen Conner can process losing his job as the head of Infectious Diseases at Bethune General Hospital (Beth-H), a massive explosion tears through the basement. Though he and Griffin work brilliantly together to treat those caught in the blast, the damage is catastrophic. Striking new ER resident Peter Cutler recruits Mel in aid of a foreign agricultural worker. Chief-of-Staff Linda Tuttle looks for a scapegoat in the wake of the explosion, while the downstairs staff grapples with loss and Allen pursues a new position as an ER doc at Beth-H.

Big Brother Canada, Global
A brand new group of houseguests enter the Big Brother Canada house in the season premiere.

19-2, Bravo – “Bridges”
With the mole on the run, a devastated squad turn on each other, and on themselves.

Murdoch Mysteries, CBC – “Election Day”
Dr. Ogden and the suffragettes face a setback on Election Day, while Murdoch investigates a murder with implications for national security. Guest starring Peter Keleghan

Tiny Plastic Men, Super Channel – “Latvania 6-5000”
The guys are sent to the Latvanian Embassy to negotiate with the Latvanian “monarch-tator” Dr. Von Chaos for licensing renewal rights to the Dr. Von Chaos line of toys. But Crad’s enemy Eric has other plans and the guys get trapped in the creepy “castle” and have to spend the night.