3 thoughts on “Video: Reconsidering CanCon”

  1. My question is why the CRTC basically just wrote off daytime television? I have no idea what the ratings are but they must be bad. In the States, they are awful so I imagine its much worse north of the border. I will speculate that the rise in DVRs may have been a nail in the coffin for many daytime shows. Today, a person who wants to watch tv during the daytime, will often just watch something from their DVR, usually a primetime show. They might also watch Netflix. Or they might plug away at their cellphones, tablets or laptops. Not very many people are bored enough anymore to watch daytime tv except for maybe seniors, many of whom don’t have DVRs or Netflix. In my household, the only daytime tv that gets watched are kids’ shows, namely CBC Kids, PBS Kids, Treehouse or Disney Junior. Does anyone reading this watch a lot of daytime tv? If so, what kind of daytime tv do you watch?

  2. If you look at Daytime Television in the United States, save for a Kelly and Michael or the Quardatrillion judge shows and Steve Harvey’s Family Feud, his talk show or Ellen, Let’s Make A Deal, The Price is Right View, The Chew or The Talk or Kathy Lee & Hoda, much of the Daytime schedule is devoted to Infomercials,much of the kinds of programming they used to rely on is either network unto itself such as GSN or the in the wings Buzzr, HGTV, Hallmark Channel and so on, here in Canada channels have been able, to keep the infomercials after Canada AM or the local news at bay with either shows like Marilyn, The Social or simsubbing The View, The Chew or The Talk or Let’s Make A Deal or The Price is Right, can these shows exist on Canadian Television if Canadian Daytime goes away or do more flood in as cheap filler or do they raid their other broadcast outlets for filler such as CTV raiding TSN for both Off The Record and SportsCenter as filler or Global further raiding HGTV or DejaView for programming, just as some examples

  3. Some channels like Discovery, History and A&E replay their primetime stuff during the day which I like because it makes it easier to program my DVR for recordings.

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