Link: Poll reveals Canadians support CBC and CRTC

From a Angus Reid:

Culture, the CBC & the CRTC: both institutions get good marks, but future relevance seen as a challenge
From Dallas to Downton Abbey, our national sense of culture and identity has long and repeatedly been exposed to outside exposure and influence. In spite of this, most consider Canadian culture to be unique, worthy of, and, critically in need of protection to survive.

Those views go some way to explaining why Canadians also hold generally favourable views towards two major Canadian cultural institutions: the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Continue reading.


2 thoughts on “Link: Poll reveals Canadians support CBC and CRTC”

  1. I think CBC lost a large chunk of their identity when they lost Hockey Night in Canada. I prefer CBC over both Global and CTV in terms of national news coverage though because they seem to be the most cross-national in focus. They’ve made inroads in that area too as people in the West have long viewed the CBC as a pro-Liberal, pro-East network, something that has changed in recent years, due to the presence of Western-set dramas, especially including Heartland.

  2. Another point is the budget cuts to the network, how many of the shows on Over The Air or Cable Networks would be on the CBC instead such as Degrassi which originated there and moved to CTV/Much/M3

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