TVO and DHX Media team for series based on Stephen Hawking book series

From a media release:

TVO announced today that it has partnered with DHX Media on the development of a new children’s animated series based on the ‘George Greenby’ books by world-renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and his daughter, author Lucy Hawking.

The new series is geared towards school-aged kids and explores various aspects of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), including space exploration and physics. Each episode will turn big science concepts into bite-sized information for kids, with a whimsical take on how the universe works. DHX Media will produce the series, with Pure Grass Films as executive producers, co-financers and distributors for several territories outside of Canada.

The series will tell the story of 11-year-olds George Greenby and Annie Bellis. When George and Annie say their science tutor is out of this world, they really mean it. That’s because their tutor is Cosmos, an astounding artificial intelligence app that can instantly transport them anywhere in the universe!


Cosmos was built by Annie’s father, Eric Bellis, a member of the top-secret Order of Science, as a way to teach Annie about any scientific topic. But he built Cosmos a little too well…during one fateful physics lesson, Cosmos figures out a way to open a wormhole right in Annie’s living room!


Now Annie and George can explore anywhere in time and space and learn all kinds of cool stuff! Like what does a space smell like? And do stars live forever? It also means they can secretly help Eric with the discoveries and missions he and his fellow super-scientists at the Order are working on back on Earth…just as long as the trio makes it back before Eric realizes they’re missing!

Throughout the series, episodes will explore the wonders of physics, breaking down questions of cosmic proportions, and also looking at earthly phenomena, all while remaining grounded in the facts of cutting-edge science and their relevance to our lives.

The series is slated to have 39 half-hour episodes and will also include a robust interactive component for mobile and web. More news to follow.