Link: Throwing the book at Canadian television

From Bill Brioux:

Throwing the book at Canadian television
The professionals in the room were still buzzing over a fuse colleague John Doyle lit in the Globe and Mail. John asked a very direct question: Where are Canada’s “Golden Age” TV shows?

Well, you can find them in the pages of this book. It’s a 60-page guide commissioned by the Prime Time team–led by president and CEO Michael Hennessy–at the Canadian Media Production Association. Continue reading.


4 thoughts on “Link: Throwing the book at Canadian television”

  1. Brioux forgot about APTN. What about shows like Blackstone, Hard Rock Medical and Mohawk Girls?

        1. I just looked at the one. I like that all the French ones are included too. I wish those shows were available to watch with English subtitles on something like Netflix. I enjoy watching all those Brit and foreign shows on Netflix but I think it would be really interesting to watch some of the French Canadian shows. My French isn’t good enough to understand what they are saying so English subtitles would be awesome. It’s this whole other Canadian tv world I never get to see and rarely hear of.

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