Tonight: Murdoch Mysteries, Big Brother Canada, Remedy, Tiny Plastic Men, Open House Overhaul

Murdoch Mysteries, CBC – “Artful Detective” season finale
While pursuing a sequential killer who collects macabre trophies from his victims, Murdoch becomes a target.

Big Brother Canada, Global
One houseguest will win the coveted Power of Veto—the ability to veto a nominee up for eviction!

Remedy, Global – “When You Awake”
After Melissa Conner performs what should be a straightforward surgery on firefighter Renee Hudson, Renee is left in mysterious and agonizing pain. As Mel and Jerry retrace their medical steps trying to find the cause, the cracks in their relationship are exposed. Allen’s first day in ER is complicated by the strange and violent behaviour of Tyson ‘Pitbull’ Danko, and Allen and Cutler need to work together in order to keep Pitbull in the hospital long enough to find out what’s really wrong with him. Griffin and Zoe pull together to help a still-reeling Kanaskie eradicate a bedbug problem at Beth-H.

Tiny Plastic Men, Super Channel – “Billy Blumpie and the Fudge Factory”
A sinister new man named Billy Bland (guest star Kevin McDonald) shows up to collect on the
contest prize he won thirty years ago. The prize – ownership of Gottfried Bros. But Billy is not
who he seems to be. He has a major grudge against Mr. Gottfried and he intends to destroy Gottfried Bros. Can the guys stop Billy before it’s too late?

Open House Overhaul, HGTV – series premiere
When selling a house, it takes more than a fresh coat of paint to realize its true financial potential. Designer Sam Pynn (Pure Design, Summer Home) and her burly crew are on a mission to overhaul houses on the real estate market in order to sell fast and make top dollar.


3 thoughts on “Tonight: Murdoch Mysteries, Big Brother Canada, Remedy, Tiny Plastic Men, Open House Overhaul”

  1. Wow! Are the writers of “Remedy” big fans of “The Band”?? Not only was this episode’s title (“When You Awake”) one of their song titles (the song just before “Up On Cripple Creek” on The Band), but they also have a patient with the surname, ‘Danko’. — as in Rick Danko, who sang “When You Awake”. Hmmm… Then again, when the Band began their mid 90’s comeback, the lead single of their album “Jericho” was titled “Remedy” !!!

    1. I sometimes pester the writer of this episode, John Callaghan, for music recommendations on Twitter. Probably safe to say the references were deliberate :)

      1. Guilty.

        Great catch, Stephen. Wondered if anyone would spot that.

        Although the Jericho/Remedy thing is a happy accident. Love that song though…

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