Link: Schitt’s Creek creators look ahead to Season 2

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Schitt’s Creek creators look ahead to Season 2
Against all their high hopes and wishes, the Rose family is not getting out of Schitt’s Creek any time soon. Equally disappointing for viewers, our time with them has come to an end, for this season at least. Patriarch Johnny (Eugene Levy) came close to offloading the town before his buyer fell through at the last moment, leaving the family trapped for the foreseeable future. David (Dan Levy) was last seen presumably headed for New York City, daughter Alexis (Annie Murphy) had her hands full juggling two men vying for her affection, and Moira (Catherine O’Hara) may want to get that fur coat back from Ronnie Lee before Season 2 next year. Continue reading.