Link: Women Behind The Scenes Spotlight: Daegan Fryklind


Women Behind The Scenes Spotlight: Daegan Fryklind
“I think there is a lot of expectation from book fans as to the roster of characters we will involve, and what we can accomplish. We’re working with an amazing cast and crew, we are able to achieve a lot with the resources at hand. We cast based on best performer for the role, which means that even with best intentions, our cast may not look exactly as described in the books, and we may not be able to bring in as many characters from the books because it would dilute the screen time for the characters we already have in play. We also need to build story on our standing sets – Stonehaven; Philip’s apartment in Season 1; the compound in Season 2 – to help keep our locations and travel budgets in hand. The books send a lot of story out into the world. We need to bring a lot of story home.” Continue reading.