Tonight: Remedy, Big Brother Canada, Tiny Plastic Men, Blood Sweat & Tools

Big Brother Canada, Global

One houseguest will win the coveted Power of Veto—the ability to veto a nominee up for eviction.

Remedy, Global – “Life in Technicolour”
Mel’s new relationship with Cutler is causing a rift with Sandy, who recruits Rebecca to babysit against Mel’s wishes. Zoe has agreed to a bone marrow transplant to save her estranged mother, but Griffin is acting strangely and can’t seem to pull it together to support her. Mel, riding a high from her relationship with Cutler, takes an uncharacteristic risk in surgery. The whole Conner family is rocked when Rebecca’s first time looking after Maya results in a crisis.

Tiny Plastic Men, Super Channel – “Crisis on Infinite Octobers”
The very fabric of reality itself is threatened, and October is to blame! Can he set things right with Crad’s help before the multiverse is destroyed?

Blood, Sweat & Tools, Discovery – “What’s Up, Dock?”
The teams get up close and friendly with water. In Challenge One, the teams must install a window. Chaos ensues as they cut holes into walls and precariously perch their glass and frame. Water is then blasted against the window to test the seal (raingear required!) Challenge Two is a quintessential cottage test: building a dock and diving board. Challenge Three requires some rudimentary plumbing skills: installing an outdoor shower and pump. Not surprisingly, the teams struggle with how to get the water from the lake to the showerhead. Some swim and others sink.