Lois of ‘Sharon, Lois & Bram’ dies at age 78

From The Canadian Press:

Lois of ‘Sharon, Lois & Bram’ dies at age 78
A member of a hugely popular trio of Canadian children’s entertainers has died. Lois Lilienstein of Sharon, Lois & Bram has passed away.

She was the only member of the group born in the US, and one of the few Americans to ever be awarded with the Order of Canada, which happened back in 2002. Continue reading.



2 thoughts on “Lois of ‘Sharon, Lois & Bram’ dies at age 78”

  1. As I was born in 1983, Sharon, Lois and Bram was a favourite show of mine because I was just in that right frame of years. They were yesteryear’s Wiggles. I faintly remember getting to see them in concert as a child. Mugh of their show can be found on YouTube.

  2. I Would love a Canadian episodes of romper room and friends full length episode with fran pappert shannon miss fran looking in her bright red magic mirror on youtube.
    CKCO-TV Kitchener Ontario Waterloo.

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