The CRTC’s three-year plan and what it means for Canadian TV

CRTC Three-Year Plan 2015-2018
The CRTC’s activities under this pillar contribute to a communications system that provides Canadians – including persons with disabilities – with quality and affordable communications service options. The communications system strengthens the social and economic fabric of Canada, and enables Canadians to have access to compelling and diverse Canadian content.
Ongoing activities include the following:

  • ensuring adherence to rules and policies, including those related to competition, quality of service, and Internet traffic management practices;
  • developing a framework to maximize choice for viewers and to foster a healthy, dynamic television market;
  • addressing applications related to the rates, terms, or conditions of services, including applications to refrain from rate regulation;
  • managing the use of telephone numbers in Canada;
  • managing a contribution and subsidy regime that supports basic residential local services in rural and remote areas;
  • resolving industry disputes and complaints through both formal Commission processes and staff-assisted dispute resolution; and,
  • coordinating the activities of the CRTC Interconnection Steering Committee, which assists the CRTC in developing information, procedures, and guidelines concerning various regulatory activities.

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