Link: Reel West magazine’s top 30 shows of the last 30 years

From Reel West:

In this issue we reveal our panel’s pick for the most influential productions in western Canada. We offer you the top 30 films and top 30 TV shows that changed the Biz, and sometimes the world. Also we look back at 2014 and wrap up the productions for the year.



3 thoughts on “Link: Reel West magazine’s top 30 shows of the last 30 years”

  1. I disagree with Motive being on here over a show like North of 60, which spanned 90 hour-long episodes plus 5 tv movies. To ignore a show that lasted that long that had so much cultural impact and select a current show with only a couple seasons and not much impact that I can see is absurd . Can someone explain to me the reasoning?

    1. They took reader recommendations – I’m sure they’d have loved to hear a pitch for North of 60 before they went to print :)

      1. Regardless, it should have been in. North of 60 was a big show in Canada back in the day. Without North of 60, there would never have been a Blackstone. I really have no idea how Motive could have made it and that’s not just because I’m biased against procedurals. The show, which is only in its third season, got abysmal ratings in the States and maybe I’m mistaken, but has ABC stopped airing it? The article made a point of saying that most current shows were kept out because it’s not yet known their longterm positive impact on the industry. Heartland got in because it’s the longest-running Canadian series in history and Blackstone got in because of its critical acclaim but why did Motive get in over other current shows like Continuum and Arrow? The article really doesn’t explain why and I would like to know why.

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