Tonight: Survivorman Finding Bigfoot, Big Brother Canada, Bahama Blue

Survivorman: Finding Bigfoot, OLN – “Survivorman Bigfoot: Texas/Utah”
Les begins his search in East Texas, invited onto private land by a local who claims to have experienced the Bigfoot phenomenon for over 35 years. Locals’ stories lead him to the remote mountain terrain of rural Utah, where ungodly screams and tales of haunted hollows find Les camped out in a canyon way off the beaten path, firmly planted between skepticism and acceptance. Lacking irrefutable evidence, Bigfoot is just a contradiction – a 10-foot monster that he can’t find.

Big Brother Canada, Global
It’s Eviction night in the Big Brother Canada house. Who will be sent packing? Who will become HOH?

Bahama Blue, Love Nature – “Mangroves”
More than a tangle of roots growing out of swampy muck, the Mangroves are nurseries for the marine life of the Bahamas. More than 90% of the species of the Bahamas spend some part of their lives here. This is where baby sharks learn to hunt and young lobsters learn how to hide. The roots of these salt-water tolerant shrubs are also home for some remarkable creatures: from the tiny seahorse to the resilient tree crab. Even the iconic Flamingo gathers here to feed on the crustaceans that give them their pinkish hue.