Link: Between – Where did all of TV’s old people go?

From Jaime Weinman of Maclean’s Magazine:

Where did all of TV’s old people go?
Canadian writer-director Michael McGowan isn’t what you’d call a “youth” filmmaker. His last film, the well-received Still Mine, was about a couple in their 70s. But his new TV series, Between, premiering in Canada on City TV on May 21 and on Shomi the day after, can’t help but look a little youth-oriented, considering its premise: In the small town of Pretty Lake, everyone over the age of 21 mysteriously drops dead. Continue reading.


2 thoughts on “Link: Between – Where did all of TV’s old people go?”

  1. I think the writer of this article is completely out to lunch. This show is a young adult dystopic drama and the writer takes issue with it because of the type of show it is rather than how it is. He looks down on CW shows too which is reason enough for me to dismiss him as narrow-minded. I happen to think quite a lot of CW shows, both past and present, were really quite good. Furthermore, there are a lot more older adults on television than there used to be. Shows like Parenthood, Chasing Life, Jane the Virgin, Reign, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder and many more all have older actors in the main cast. Just because Between doesn’t shouldn’t be a reason for the writer to create an issue with it. Two words for this article: pathetic and lazy.

  2. I’m biased in favour of liking the writer but I don’t think he’s looking down at CW or has an issue with Between — Maclean’s doesn’t do straight up reviews so it’s a trend piece that uses it as a metaphor, almost.

    But that said I don’t think it makes the best case for it. Trend pieces tend to ignore all evidence to the contrary.

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