Tonight: Remedy, Illusions of Grandeur, Escape or Die

Remedy, Global – “Fight or Flight” and “Day One”
Mel and Cutler are slated to catch a flight to Dallas to plan their future there when Griff’s alarming behaviour holds them back. Sandy insists the Conners address Griff’s drug problem immediately as a family, despite warning signs that suggest they should utilize professional help. Meanwhile, Mel duels with her replacement, Dr. Jake Reuben, over the care of her cherished high school English teacher, and Cutler identifies a patient with critical symptoms that a distracted Allen has missed.

Then, in episode “Day One”, Sandy is in critical condition following a car accident on her way to find an unstable Griffin. Zoe tracks down a messed up Griff and peels him off the roof, but when she cleans him up and brings him into Beth-H to see Sandy, Allen is livid. Mel pressures Jake and Dr. Bernstein to deliver the best medical care possible to Sandy, and Cutler tries to help a family whose son is displaying bizarre and troubling behaviour. Through the darkness Allen and Griff are able to reach a measure of understanding, and Griffin ultimately turns to his downstairs family for help.

Illusions of Grandeur, OLN – “Chicago”
Zack visits Chicago, once America’s magic mecca. He soon discovers that magic is still alive and well in Chi-town, when he finds a magician who has performed at the same pub for 40 years, and an auction of Houdini collectibles which sell for a small fortune. Finally, Zack attempts an impressive feat of mentalism in the heart of the city.

Escape or Die, OLN – “Man vs. Machine Escape”
Dean returns home to icy Winnipeg and his nemesis the Red River. Over 30 years ago, Dean had a near-fatal escape here and is back to face the river again. Chained to two massive ice-resurfacer machines trying to pull him apart, he has 60 seconds to escape his restraints or be left in pieces on the icy river.