Link: CBC Does Have A Future

From James Bawden:

CBC Does Have A Future
In recent years the few critics remaining were supplemented by hordes of CBC employees all eager for the free food.

But this time the mood was anything but sombre.

After years of reeling CBC seems in a fine and feisty position to mount a strong counter attack. CBC will surely miss the departed Republic Of Doyle but Murdoch Mysteries is back for an unprecedented ninth season. Continue reading.


3 thoughts on “Link: CBC Does Have A Future”

  1. I’ve been a staunch supporter of CBC-TV most of my 64 years, despite it’s many failings, like, letting too many Americans rule the roost, who are there to make sure that the funding of CBC is mostly wasted.

    One can make a surprisingly venerable list of good shows, movies, specials, docs, etc, tragically many of which Canadians in different Provinces from where they were produced never got to see, that somehow got past the Americans’ anti-Canadian committee that decides what gets produced.

    But when one considers CBC got BILLIONS and BILLIONS over the decades, that list aught to be a rival to Hollywood, Vegas, NY, LA, – combined.

    This latest upcoming season’s list of productions looks to me like it does not break the strangle hold the Americans have on Canada and the CBC. It tightens the strangling.

    1. Canadian networks have no choice most Canadians want American content you don’t air what people want that’s the end of your channel or service.

  2. Does this guy ever post any other point? Yes, we get it. There’s a black helicopter committee of Americans controlling everything that gets made. I lost my membership card, but if I remember correctly it had part of Mickey Mouse’s ear stapled to it.

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