Link: 9 TV shows that highlight Canadian geography

From Carys Mills of Canadian Geographic:

9 TV shows that highlight Canadian geography
Arctic Air
CBC’s Arctic adventure series, which was cancelled in 2014 after three seasons, is about an airline based in Yellowknife and the family running the business. While much of the show was shot in Vancouver, the crew went to Yellowknife as well, authentically capturing the north’s landscapes, wildlife and people. Continue reading.


4 thoughts on “Link: 9 TV shows that highlight Canadian geography”

  1. I was thinking about this and I was wondering, has there ever been a scripted tv series set in New Brunswick? I can think of series or miniseries set everywhere else.

  2. One of the shows cited is/was King of Kensington. I got Al Waxman’s autograph in the 1980s when he was back in Toronto on a Cagney and Lacy promotion tour. He said “I’m glad you like C&L” I said, “I don’t actually, never watch it, but I thoroughly used to enjoy KoK, and wish you’d come back to Canada to do more Canadian again” – kinda shook him, I can’t remember if he responded

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