Tonight: Escape or Die, Illusions of Grandeur

From network episode descriptions:

Escape or Die!, OLN – “Death Cage (Zhangjiajie, China)”
High up in the isolated mountains of Zhangjiajie China, Dean attempts an escape he has never done before. Chained, caged, and hauled 45 meters into the sky, he must break free of his chains and neck lock before the cage plunges into the river surrounded by concrete below.

Illusions of Grandeur, OLN – “Austin”
Zack goes deep into the heart of Texas and charms the city of Austin with his latest illusions. He learns the art of fire eating from one of Austin’s best magicians and checks out the city’s famous music scene, blowing the minds of some local rockers. Later, Zack is inspired by a local variety act, and battles stage fright before taking the spotlight… in a burlesque show!