Link: Orphan Black: Is Cosima going to die in the finale?

From Natalie Abrams of Entertainment Weekly:

Orphan Black: Is Cosima going to die in the finale?
Orphan Black fans may want to start preparing themselves, because there could be a very real possibility that Cosima (Tatiana Maslany) might not survive another season finale of the BBC America drama.

Cosima has been living on borrowed time since season 1 after coming down with the same respiratory illness that now-dead clones Katja and Jennifer had. After Cosima’s near-death experience in the season 2 finale, it feels increasingly likely that the dreadlocked clone may not make it out of another finale alive. Continue reading.


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  1. Interestingly, if Castor (that military unit) and Leda (Dyad) are still, in fact, headed by the same people (not separate as first thought), it’s possible Rachel or her doctor are aware and actually communicating in league with the head of the organization. When Rachel found out Cosima/Scott had the long-missing document (The Island of Dr. Moreau) , she took the opportunity to let her people know and they sent a Castor clone to procure it. I love the intricacies of this show. It reminds me somewhat of Alias, another show I really liked.

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