Speech: Jean-Pierre Blais at the Banff World Media Festival

From a media release:

The new television age
Content is abundant in today’s television age. It’s available from countless sources, on countless devices, at any time of the day or night. Now more than ever, viewers control and customize their television experiences. Choice is the reality of this age. But that reality is not without challenges. The players in the traditional television system must adapt if they are to survive. Broadcasters and creators must find new ways to bring content to viewers as they move away from appointment-based viewing and toward on-demand consumption.

We at the CRTC were mindful of such changes, the pace with which they unfolded and the challenges they created. We’re not blind to the industry—despite what some occasionally say. It’s why, even as far back as the summer of 2013—at this very festival, no less—I told you a few truths about the broadcasting industry. Continue reading.