Gerry Dee and Project 10 develop CBC sitcom

From a media release:

Project 10 has partnered with Gerry Dee’s (Mr. D) production company to develop a single-camera comedy, My Scottish Family, at CBC, Andrew Barnsley (Schitt’s Creek) announced today.

The half hour comedy is loosely based on the real life (and Scottish relatives) of award-winning comedian and creator Gerry Dee. Project 10 is currently looking for U.S. and international partners for My Scottish Family.

My Scottish Family tells the story of Francis MacPhee (Gerry Dee), a Catholic, and his extended Scottish family. Canadian-born, low-key Francis lived in Scotland where he met and married Lizzy Knox, his polar opposite and a Protestant. Years later, Francis returns to Canada with Lizzy, their three teenaged children, and his “accidentally” racist and sexist father-in-law who dislikes Francis simply because he is Catholic. The Knox side of the family are brash, brutally honest, and firmly believe that “everyone wishes they were Scottish.” They drink, argue, fight, don’t trust anyone, and they’re never wrong – but they love each other fiercely. Blending into their Canadian neighbourhood won’t be easy…for the Canadians. The Knox-MacPhees have their share of challenges, and how they deal with them is awkward, hilarious, and sometimes even heartwarming.

Project 10 recently announced it has inked development deals at Bell Media for Beyond Repair, a single camera comedy co-created by Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother) and Paul Campbell (Spun Out) and Darcy, a family sitcom co-created by stand-up comedian Darcy Michael (Spun Out) and Carl Johann.


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  1. This has potential. However in the past 15 years there’s only been a handful of Canadian comedies I’ve actually liked: Mohawk Girls, Life with Derek, Mixed Blessings, Moose TV and Made in Canada. I’m not exactly optimistic.

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