Link: Canadian TV: Going South

From Jim Bawden:

Canadian TV: Going South
I’ve been reporting for decades on the phenomenon of American telefilms and series moving north to shoot just because it’s cheaper.

But how often has a Canadian series moved south?

Well, three Canadian series have gone south in recent years and nobody seems to have noticed it. Continue reading.

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Greg David

Prior to becoming a television critic and owner of TV, Eh?, Greg David was a critic for TV Guide Canada, the country's most trusted source for TV news. He has interviewed television actors, actresses and behind-the-scenes folks from hundreds of television series from Canada, the U.S. and internationally. He is a podcaster, public speaker, weekly radio guest and educator, and past member of the Television Critics Association.
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2 thoughts on “Link: Canadian TV: Going South”

  1. I really enjoyed Property Virgins. The show was really popular on both sides of the border with Sandra as host but Egypt wasn’t a great replacement and I lost interest.

  2. I think there’s a misunderstanding or at least a misdirection here.

    All of these shows have been and continue to be produced in Canada. What’s changed is that most of the budget is coming from the American channel HGTV. It’s the exact reverse of the state with drama. With the Americans paying most of the shot, these shows now feature more American locales and stories. But the formats and work continue to be done here. We’re very good at doing this kind of programming. They do still feature Canadian stories and locales, but be honest, in most places the “average” home price hews closer to Atlanta than Toronto or Vancouver.

    This is a case of Canadian product being valued more somewhere else than at home.

    Maybe it isn’t so different after all…

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