2 thoughts on “Link: Why you should care about Orphan Black”

  1. I ‘was there’ glued to my tv for the very 1st episode to watch it, I still watch it cause it is very good, but, in the first season they used to say they were in Canada.

    Ever since season one they’ve taken out almost every evidence of it, with just a few exceptions like that Value Village in one eye-blink scene, which tells the world – nothing.

    But, whatcha spect with bbc AMERICA co-distributing.

    The show’s creators have said they never wanted to EVER make a ‘CANADIAN’ show, so it wasn’t too hard to convince them to cut out all the Canadian references.

    Why doesn’t all the American shows do the same ? Instead they are saturated with American references.

    And as for self-proclaimed Canada-loving Tatitiana, she couldn’t wait to accept the first offer to go ‘Hollywood’ and never come back home, like all the others.

    very Very VERY angry about all that …….

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