Link: Jonny Harris showcases small town humour in Still Standing

From CBC’s Q:

Jonny Harris showcases small town humour in Still Standing
Actor and comedian Jonny Harris joins Shad to discuss his tailor-made comedy tour of small town Canada, as chronicled in the new TV show Still Standing. Harris — known for his role as Constable George Crabtree on Murdoch Mysteries — grew up in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland. He knows how tough life can be in a struggling town, and how important humour can be in overcoming adversity. Listen here.


4 thoughts on “Link: Jonny Harris showcases small town humour in Still Standing”

  1. I really enjoyed the first episode of this show. I love that it showcased small town Canada in a humourous light. I’m excited to see Johnny Harris traverse across the country visiting these places and finding comedy in them. I wish it was titled differently though. It’s a very plain jane title and not descriptive at all about what the show is really about. Also, there was a n American series with the same name. I’m afraid Still Standing will get overlooked on the channel guide and its a shame. With the right title and timeslot I think it could have done a lot better.

    1. Even if it had been titled with Johnny Harris’ name. I had never heard of him before (I don’t watch Murdoch Mysteries) but at least the title would stand out on the digital channel guide. People would see that and might be curious who he is and what kind of show it is on the CBC.

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