Michael Weston and Stephen Mangan co-star in Houdini & Doyle

From a media release:

– British/Canadian Co-Production from Big Talk Productions (U.K.) and Shaftesbury (Canada) to Premiere on Global in Canada, ITV Encore in the UK and Fox in the US in 2016 –

Michael Weston (Six Feet Under, House) and Stephen Mangan (Episodes) have been cast in the lead roles of Houdini & Doyle, a mystery adventure drama series scheduled to debut on Global in 2016. Inspired by true events, the series will draw heavily on the rich history of the period. Two great men of the 20th Century – Harry Houdini (Weston), master magician, escape artist and paranormal debunker; and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Mangan), prolific writer, creator of “Sherlock Holmes” and paranormal aficionado – grudgingly join forces to investigate unsolved and inexplicable crimes with a supernatural slant in collaboration with New Scotland Yard.

The 10-episode drama was ordered straight to series for ITV Encore in the UK and Global in Canada and licensed in the US on FOX. Award-winning director, Stephen Hopkins (24, Californication), will be directing the series.


Also joining the cast is breakout Canadian actress Rebecca Liddiard (Between, MsLabelled) as Constable Adelaide Stratton, whose character is the first female constable ever to work for the London Metropolitan Police Force.

American television and film actor Michael Weston will play the role of Harry Houdini. Weston is best known for his roles on House and Six Feet Under. He has also appeared on Elementary, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Office and Burn Notice among others.  His feature film credits include Garden State, Wish I Was Here, The Dukes of Hazard and Coyote Ugly.

Stephen Mangan is an English actor, best known for his television roles on Episodes, Green Wing and I’m Alan Partridge. He is an acclaimed stage actor, having been Tony-nominated for his portrayal of Norman in The Norman Conquests on Broadway. Mangan made his feature film debut in the hit movie Billy Elliot, appearing most recently on the big screen in Ron Howard’s Rush.

Produced in association with Shaw Media, Houdini & Doyle is a UK/Canada treaty co-production from Big Talk Productions (U.K.) and Shaftesbury (Canada) in association with Shore Z Productions. The series is executive produced by David Shore, David Titcher (The Librarians) and David Hoselton along with Kenton Allen, Matthew Justice, Luke Alkin for Big Talk and Christina Jennings, Maggie Murphy, and Scott Garvie for Shaftesbury. The series is distributed by Sony Pictures Television.


4 thoughts on “Michael Weston and Stephen Mangan co-star in Houdini & Doyle”

  1. Though I tend to gravitate towards period dramas, I hate procedurals and have absolutely no interest in this. Sounds like something Murdoch Mysteries fans will like though.

  2. I just read the announcement for this on an American tv site and it really irked me. Global is going to get away with fulfilling their Cancon obligations by telling a non-Canadian story. They cancelled a really good drama in Remedy because of a combo of middling ratings and lack of a U.S. partner and they cancelled Bomb Girls for a lack of American success and same goes for Combat Hospital. I know Global has been a poor supporter of REAL Cancon for years but this is one more annoying thing they’ve done. They have zero Canadian scripted series for the fall. It’s pathetic.

    1. Yeah, it’s one of those barely Cancon shows. I don’t know details of this one but it must be a minority co-production, like Tudors or Borgias. The creators David Shore and David Hoselton are Canadian, though they’ve been working in the US for a very long time, so maybe not though. I’m not sure what tips it to a minority copro.

      That said, I do want to see this. I loved early seasons House, which Shore created and Hoselton wrote for, and I love Stephen Mangan from Episodes. He reminds me of Wallace from Wallace & Gromit which probably isn’t a compliment to him, but I mean it as one. I’m also probably primed to think well of it because the description reminds me a bit of Arthur and George, one of my favourite books by Julian Barnes.

    2. They’re filming two episodes in Canada, but yeah … I agree with you both.
      I’m getting a “Murdoch Mysteries International” feel from this especially since Shaftesbury is producing.

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