Chris Haddock’s The Romeo Section in production

From a media release:

Haddock Entertainment started production late last week on their highly anticipated new series for CBC-TV, THE ROMEO SECTION. Shooting in and around Vancouver, the 10-episode x 1-hour drama will continue its production until October 20, 2015.

From the creative mind of acclaimed showrunner Chris Haddock (Boardwalk Empire – Producer / Writer; Intelligence and Da Vinci’s Inquest – Creator / Showrunner), THE ROMEO SECTION is a taut drama about espionage in the Pacific Rim, set in contemporary Vancouver. The show centres on a seasoned handler fronting as a university professor to recruit a roster of informants, who use their powers of seduction to extract secrets from state intelligence targets.

The talented ensemble cast includes Andrew Airlie (Cedar Cove; The Killing; 50 Shades of Grey; Big Eyes), a familiar face to audiences worldwide across both big and small screens, Andrew takes on the lead role of Wolfgang McGee; Jemmy Chen (USA Network’s Rush; an upcoming role in Star Trek 3) is a star on the rise adding to her repertoire of characters as Wolfgang’s colleague, Professor Lily Wong; multiple-award winning actor Juan Riedinger (Smallville; Continuum; Covert Affairs; Jennifer’s Body) has been cast as the conflicted Romeo spy, Rufus; well-established actor Eugene Lipinski (Sophie’s Choice; Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade; Fringe) deftly portrays Al, Wolfgang’s confidant in the world of espionage; and Vancouver born and raised talent, Stephanie Bennett (Big Eyes; CW series IZombie; Lifetime series UnReal) is Dee, an unhinged and unpredictable individual who is not afraid to stir up some trouble.

The series follows spymaster Professor Wolfgang McGee, an academic who secretly manages a roster of espionage assets. These assets, referred to as Romeo or Juliet spies, are informants engaged in intimate long or short-term relations with state intelligence targets. Wolfgang is a semi-retired Romeo operator, having worked his way up from youth in an unnamed and officially deniable “service” under the umbrella of Canada’s Intelligence Community.

Wolfgang falls into an obsessive relationship with one of his recruits, and discovers he has found himself a contemporary Mata Hari, and she has found, àla Pygmalion, a mentor to both dominate and liberate her. Over the course of the season, she emerges as an apt pupil threatening to overshadow her teacher.


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  1. Sounds like something I’ll like to watch as I like the premise and cast. Both of CBC’s new fall drama series sound great but I’m a tad worried about The Romeo Section’s timeslot–Thursday is such a packed night.

  2. Will we be able to see this series in the states ?? Sounds awesome. Good luck!!

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