Link: Rookie Blue writer addresses controversy & future

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Rookie Blue writer addresses controversy & future
“It seemed to me that the corruption story was a great way to show the audience who Gail has become over the past 6 seasons. If this had happened in earlier seasons, Gail would’ve protected her brother and her own self interest (i.e. adopting Sophie) at all costs. So we really felt that this was the perfect story, and Sophie was the perfect sacrifice, to show how much Gail has grown and what an extraordinary woman and police officer she’s become, as heartbreaking as the outcome was for her–and us. And Charlotte did an exceptional job showing us what an excruciating decision it was for Gail.” Continue reading.


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  1. Since the beginning of July I have binge-watched the first 32 episodes of Rookie Blue. I’m glad I gave the show a second chance. I ignored it the first time, dismissing it as just another boring cop procedural and a Global drama that tries hard to be generic so it can pass as American but I was wrong. The show has such a great ensemble of characters and wonderful actors and actresses who play them. This show has become a Top 10 show for me. I haven’t watched any of the new episodes but I think by the end of the summer I should be all caught up. I’m trying to stay caught up on my summer shows while binge-watching both Rookie Blue, Bitten and Arrow.

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