TV Eh B Cs podcast 28 – A Splice of Matthew Hannam

After Matthew Hannam moved to Toronto to attend the Canadian Film Centre, he stayed on to pursue a career in editing. He started  working with Bruce McDonald on The Tracey Fragments. His first feature was Matt Bissonnette’s Passenger Side, and soon he was making films with Bruce McDonald, Don McKellar, Leonard Farlinger, Aaron Woodley, Jamie Travis and Brandon Cronenberg.
HannamCronenberg’s Antiviral premiered at Cannes in 2012. Following that, he edited Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy for which he won a Canadian Screen Award. Most recently, he edited James White for Borderline Films (Martha Marcy May Marlene, Simon Killer). The film premiered at Sundance ’15 and won the “best of NEXT” audience award.
Currently he is editing The Expanse, a new series for Alcon Entertainment and SyFy. But we spent some time talking about a short documentary episode he directed for TMN’s Reelside about Don McKellar and Bruce McDonald.

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