History sets Curse of the Frozen Gold debut date

From a media release:

Something ominous lurks on the Pitt Lake horizon in British Columbia as a group of fortune-seeking explorers battle harsh landscape, the unknown and each other to uncover one of the best known unsolved mysteries – the legend of Slumach and his lost gold mine. But will their greed for the famed fortune take their expedition to a dark place? Find out in the brand new Canadian original series Curse of the Frozen Gold premiering Wednesday, August 26th at 10pm ET/PT on HISTORY.

Legend has it that a First Nations man named Slumach found a fortune in gold and put a curse on it just before he was hanged. Allegedly worth billions, ‘Slumach’s Gold’ has tantalized prospectors for over a century, and now a team of experienced gold hunters takes up its pursuit – and the mysterious curse that goes with it – to stake their claim in history. The gold’s lure has claimed numerous gold hunters’ lives for over a century – perhaps victims of the curse or something more sinister.

A team of six daring gold hunters – including young and fit mountain climbers, a gold-obsessed prospector, a local lodge owner and some savvy, but skeptical old-timers – have eight short weeks to find gold before winter freezes them out. They’re forced to contend with the primordial forest, jagged mountain peaks, predatory wildlife and dangerous cracks in the ice that plummet hundreds of feet. It’s a region steeped in danger but the group is fuelled by a severe case of gold fever. While they claim to be working as a team, the clashes and scheming between them could ultimately be their downfall.

The six brave explorers are: Adam Palmer (the “Trail Blazer”), Evan Howard (the “Adventurer”), Don Waites (the “Legend”), Fred Braches (the “Skeptic”), Daryl Friesen (the “True Believer”), and Danny Gerak (the “Local”). Visit history.ca for full cast biographies.

Curse of the Frozen Gold is produced by JV Productions in association with Shaw Media.